Barefoot Farm
Will Harlan’s nonprofit farm provides produce to Appalachian families in need. The farm also assists indigenous Tarahumara farmers in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. The farm has established seed banks, goat herds, scholarships, and clean water projects for the Tarahumara.

The Tarahumara scratch a living out of barren, rocky soil, growing ancient varieties of corn and beans. Most live in caves and tiny huts scattered throughout four monstrous, river-carved chasms—each deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Each year, Will journeys to the Tarahumara’s ancestral lands to help Tarahumara farmers. He also shares the trails with the legendary, huarache-clad Tarahumara, running traditional ball races and ultra runs through their steep, ancestral canyons.

Back home, Will’s off-grid organic farm is modeled on the Tarahumara homestead. Barefoot Farm’s water is gravity-fed to the farm from a pristine mountain spring. The house and farm are powered and heated completely by solar energy. Their six-year-old son helps with berry picking and seed planting. Three dogs protect the goats, guard the beehives and berry brambles, chase away critters, and occasionally snack on the compost pile. Dairy goats provide fresh milk daily, and five hives of honeybees keep fields and forests well pollinated.

Learn more about the Barefoot Farm project by visiting the website.

Visit the Barefoot Farm website