When will the book UNTAMED be available for purchase?
May 6, 2014…the day after Cinco de Mayo.
Can I buy UNTAMED now?
You can pre-order now, and some sites will begin making the book available for purchase by March 27.
Is there a book tour planned?
Will plans to tour this summer. Dates will be announced soon. Stop back and visit this site for the announcements and dates
Is Carol still alive?
Yes, Carol is as feisty and fiery as ever, and she continues to protect sea turtles and wilderness on Cumberland Island.
What can I do to help protect Cumberland Island?
Visit wildcumberland.org to find out more about the issues facing Cumberland Island. Add your voice to the letters and petitions on the site calling for more protection of the island wilderness and its wildlife. You can also become a member of Carol’s Cumberland Island Museum at cimuseum.org, where you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter and updates on island ecology, observations, and happenings.