Kaplan University

Kaplan University came into being in the year of 1937 and has recognized remarkable traditions of delivering an exceptional and wonderful education. The working period of the university comprises approximately 70 years. The Kaplan University works under the supervision of Kaplan Higher Education organization and is the significant part of the celebrated Kaplan educational network. Kaplan Higher Education runs a huge network of campus-schools (almost seventy in number) crossways the United Stats of America. Kaplan University is a qualified and exceptional educational institute and is well-respected all over the world for the quality of its educational programmers.

At Kaplan University, you will discover myriads of career-oriented study programmers which can enhance your professional careers to optimum heights. These educational programmers have been created keeping in view the current marketing demands in a variety of professions. The Kaplan University offers all kinds of degrees from associate level to the graduate and post-graduate level studies. Kaplan University Online is an advance in educational traditions of the Kaplan University. The online study programmers aid the entry of businessmen, working professional and the students living at far away places who cannot attend classes at any regular educational institution. Kaplan University Online accommodates all sorts of students with great flexibility. In stead of striking its own master study schedules, it rather particularly provides a chance to the master students to set their own study schedules with the university.

The Kaplan University conducts graduate and post-graduate study programmes both in Arts and Sciences. The most accepted online programmes of the Kaplan University are BS in Psychology/Applied Behavioral Analysis, BSHW/Health Science, BSB/Management of Information Systems, BS in Communication, MBA/Finance, MBA/Human Resource Management, MBA/Information Technology etc. The admission criterion for all discipline varies. Kaplan Online University is one of those exceptional online learning institutions which have a very systematic range of different subjects. You will positively locate the subject of your choice at Kaplan Online. The detailed list of the study programmes at Kaplan Online is available on internet.

The online learning programmes at Kaplan University make definite that the maximum contribution of the online students in studies. The online study lessons include quizzes, discussion boards, website field trips and also online seminars. This teaching methodology keeps the students attached with their studies and produces excellent academic results. For the academic guidance in preparing assignments, presentations, and mid term or final papers, the Kaplan University also has the facility of online library for its students. Kaplan Online University has different arrangements with the online Salmon Library of the University of Alabama in Huntsville which can be easily accessed by the Kaplan University online students. The library particularly contains an anthology of 325,000 volumes and of massive help for the online students.