Untamed was one of three nonfiction books (and the only biography) selected as a 2014 Barnes and Noble Discover Award finalist. I attended a celebration gala and book reading in New York City in early March, where I met some of the best authors in the country. I was especially thrilled to chat with award-winning author Leigh Newman, whose book Still Points North is the most powerful memoir I’ve read. Like Carol, Leigh is an authentic, complex, and captivating individual—and every bit as gutsy and gritty.

I also spoke at a book presentation in New York with fellow Discover Award finalists Bryce Andrews (Badluck Way) and Caitlin Doughty (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes). It was humbling to share the stage with such a talented writers and candid, entertaining speakers.

A snowstorm extended my stay in NYC, and I soaked up every second. My first and only other trip to New York City was to pitch my Untamed book proposal to publishers, so it was special to return to NYC a few years later. I have enjoyed this wild ride, and I know that I am extremely lucky. After all, Carol made my job easy: she has lived an extraordinary life on an amazing island fighting for the wild, taking big risks and making huge sacrifices along the way. All I had to do was tell her story.