Sea turtles make amazing comeback on Cumberland

Sea turtles are making a comeback on Cumberland Island and along Georgia’s coast, thanks in part to Carol’s work and conservation efforts across the region. Fewer turtles caught in shrimping nets since 2008 means more turtles have been able to nest. Check out this ABC news story on Cumberland Island’ sea turtles this week:

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Hungry for more?

Wanna know more about Carol and Cumberland? Listen to an hour-long discussion of the book Untamed on Asheville’s Living Well radio show here:


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Rachel + Carol

Untamed has won the Rachel Carson Book Award from the Society of Environmental Journalists. Rachel Carson and Carol Ruckdeschel undoubtedly would have been besties. Both were pioneering scientists with a passion for the wild. In her youth, Carol deeply admired Rachel Carson and read nearly everything that Carson wrote. There is no greater honor for Carol’s story than to […]

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Untamed named one of Georgia’s Must-Read Books of 2015

Untamed was selected to the 2015 Books All Georgians Should Read list. It’s an incredible honor to be listed among such awe-inspiring writers as Mary Hood and Toni Cade Bambara. Here is the complete list:

2015 Books All Georgians Should Read

A Clear View of the Southern Sky: Stories by Mary Hood
A Prayer Journal by Flannery O’Connor, edited by W.A. Sessions
Welcome […]

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Untamed wins Malott Prize

Untamed has won the 2014 Malott Prize, one of the most prestigious in environmental writing. Here is the official announcement:

The Langum Charitable Trust Is Pleased to Announce the Winners of the Malott Prize for Recording Community Activism for 2013-2014.

The bi-annual Malott Prize is awarded to the best book, article, or film that depicts an individual or small group of […]

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Barnes and Noble selects Untamed as a Discover Award finalist

Untamed was one of three nonfiction books (and the only biography) selected as a 2014 Barnes and Noble Discover Award finalist. I attended a celebration gala and book reading in New York City in early March, where I met some of the best authors in the country. I was especially thrilled to chat with award-winning author Leigh Newman, whose […]

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Untamed named a New York Times Best Seller

Untamed was named to the New York Times Best Seller list this month (#12 in Travel). Carol and Cumberland need all the attention they can get. Se turtle nesting on Cumberland begins soon—and so will commercial shrimp trawling just offshore.

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Carol: Conservation Hero of the Year

Carol Ruckdeschel was named Wild South’s Conservation of the Year. Her lifetime of scientific work on Cumberland Island National Seashore distinguished her from an impressive slate of fellow wilderness warriors. She was noted especially for her work to help defend Cumberland Island’s Wilderness and her 44-year effort to protect the island’s nesting sea turtles.

“Carol is who we all hope […]

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UNTAMED named to Amazon’s Top 100 Books of the Year

UNTAMED landed in Amazon’s Best Books of the Year (it earned the 88th spot overall). It is the year’s fourth best biography ranked by Amazon, sandwiched between biographies of Bill Cosby and Napoleon. Perhaps someday Carol’s name will be as ubiquitous as the Little Corporal. She is certainly just as fierce in her fight for the wild.

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Amazon’s book blog Omnivoracious asked for my perspective on environmental writing, as well as the books that inspired me to track down the story of the “wildest woman in America.” Here’s what I told them:

“Nature writing can be pretty, and environmental books can be convincing, but I ultimately crave the raw emotion of fellow human beings struggling to […]

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